Which Bike Racks With Hitch Can Benefit You On Trips

Bike racks with hitch are great for transporting bikes, such as mountain bikes. Hitch mounted bike racks can be used in multiple ways. For example, you can use these racks to transport bikes in the back of a truck, in the back of a van, and the back of a car.

About bike racks with a hitch

Bike racks that are hitch-mounted are available for 3 to 7 bikes. These racks can load fat tires, road cycles, mountain bikes, and kids’ bikes. VelociRAX provides hitch mounted racks that are feature-rich. Moreover, these racks have a pending patent. These racks provide easy Roll-in and roll-out bike loading. This type of loading eliminates the need to lift bikes onto VelociRAX.

It allows even young children to load their bicycles. There is no need to worry about bikes falling when lowering fully laden racks because integrated hydraulic dampers help. Additionally, every VelociRAX has a garage wall mount so that bikes can be kept in the garage when the rack is not mounted to a car. Here are some most popular racks from them:

VelociRAX 3X

As shown by the name, this bike rack is able to hold 3 bikes together. The tire baskets of this rack have 15-inch spacing. This rack is ideal if you have a small family and friend group and want to explore a specific place with them. It is also easy to use because everyone can use it. After all, it requires very less force to use.

VelociRAX 412

Up to four bikes can fit on the hitch-mounted VelociRAX 412 vertical bike rack, featuring tire baskets 12 inches apart. This rack can hold various bike types, handlebar styles, and sizes and is best for small groups. You can carry bikes everywhere by packing the VelociRAX 412 with your chosen bikes and letting the rack do the rest. UV-tested rubber straps that only touch the bike’s tires are provided to secure motorcycles in place quickly.

A vertical hitch bike rack for four bikes is ideal for small families, impromptu bike excursions with pals, and road vacations with a few extra riders along for the journey.

Transport different bikes with a hitch bike rack.

Hitch mounted bike racks are great for transporting bikes, such as mountain bikes. They’re easy to install and use but can also be used as a standalone rack in your garage or porch.

These racks are great because they’re easy enough for anyone. Even those who aren’t mechanically inclined to install themselves without professional assistance or additional equipment like special tools or jacks are required in some cases when mounting other types such as trunk-mounts which require additional height clearance due to their locations within vehicles’ trunk or hatchbacks. You can install them with the simple roll-in and roll-out methods.


Hitch mounted bike racks are great for transporting bikes, such as mountain bikes. If you want to use a bike while traveling with your family or friends, consider getting bike racks with a hitch because they will ease you while exploring hills. If you have a small family, choose a rack that can hold fewer bikes; if you have many bicycles, you can get a rack that can hold seven bikes.

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