Polymer Concrete Manholes And Structures By Armorock Are Durable

Are you seeking a durable, long-lasting solution for your manholes and structures? Look no further than polymer concrete! This innovative material is taking the construction industry by storm, providing numerous benefits over traditional materials like concrete or steel. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of polymer concrete manholes and structures and explore why more contractors are choosing this game-changing option. We’ll introduce you to Armorock, a trusted provider of high-quality polymer concrete products that will ensure your project stands the test of time.

What is polymer concrete?

Polymer concrete is a composite material consisting of a mixture of aggregates such as sand or gravel, binder, and polymer. Depending on the desired properties, the polymer used in the mix can be either thermosetting or thermoplastic.

Using polymer concrete over traditional materials like steel or regular concrete is its high resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. This makes it ideal for structures exposed to harsh environments, such as wastewater treatment plants or industrial facilities.

It also has a much faster curing time than traditional materials, allowing contractors to complete projects more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it has excellent impact resistance and durability, ensuring long-term structural integrity even in high-traffic areas.

Benefits of Armorock polymer concrete

Polymer concrete provides numerous benefits for construction projects where strength, longevity, and resistance are crucial factors. By choosing this innovative material for your manholes and structures, you can ensure reliability while saving time and money on maintenance costs. It can resist harsh weather conditions, chemicals, UV radiation, and other types of wear and tear that might damage traditional materials over time.

It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Due to the nature of the composite material used in production, polymer concrete delivers superior mechanical properties without adding bulk or weight to your structure.

It also offers excellent design flexibility.

It can be easily cast into different shapes or sizes while retaining its strength properties. This makes it ideal for customized solutions such as decorative grates or covers. Using polymer concrete means you’ll get a product that requires minimal maintenance since it doesn’t corrode easily like metal products nor require sealing like porous cementitious products do.

What are the steps for using polymer concrete in manholes and structures?

Here is a brief overview of what those steps entail:

  • Surface Preparation: The first step involves preparing the surface where the polymer concrete will be applied. This includes cleaning any dirt or debris from the surface, removing any loose material, and ensuring the area is dry.
  • Mixing: The polymer concrete mixture must be prepared according to manufacturer instructions. Following these instructions carefully is important as they will ensure optimal material performance.
  • Application: Once mixed thoroughly, the polymer concrete can be applied onto the prepared surface using various techniques such as spraying or pouring.
  • Curing: After application, adequate curing time must be given before allowing any traffic or load-bearing activity on top of it.
  • Finishing: Once fully cured and hardened, any excess material should be removed, and finishing touches should be made to ensure a smooth and level finish.


We hope we guided you well on Polymer concrete manholes. These structures are a reliable solution for many construction projects. Armorock is an industry leader in producing high-quality polymer concrete products for infrastructure applications. Their manholes and structures perform better.

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