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Dressing the Wild West: Meet Yellowstone Costume Designer

Yellowstone is a series confined to any introduction. It is a popular neo-western drama series that isn’t only famous for its uncommon storyline but for all the elegant yet distinguished apparel that was worn by the skillful cast during the show. 

All thanks to the talented Yellowstone Costume Designer; Johnetta Boone, who put forth an immense amount of effort in crafting Yellowstone Clothing pieces that are no lesser than the art. So, how did the lady come up with such amazing ideas? If you are people searching for answers to the same question then look no further as we are here to help. Keep on reading and the forthcoming content will discuss some unknown yet must-be-known things about Johnetta Boone concerning the famous Yellowstone series. So, without wasting more time let’s start the discussion. 

All you need to know about Yellowstone Costume Designer

About Johnetta Boone

The lady is a fantastic dress designer that has worked in a very extensive range of dramas, series, and movies in Hollywood. She is best known for providing clothing pieces to the Yellowstone cast throughout the show run. Some other noteworthy projects of hers include the Hustle and Niomi.

1. From Where Does She Source The Clothes

The Yellowstone series is a fun project that includes multiple twists and turns at an immensely fast pace. Hence, I wanted each piece of apparel to talk about the character’s personality. The same is why I wanted to design clothing pieces that remain 100 percent aligned with the traits of the characters. 

For instance, if we look at a couple of Beth Dutton Rip Wheeler we can see from their clothes that Beth Dutton is a soft-hearted and delicate girl who wants happy colors of life to get surrounded by her. Whereas on the other hand, the apparel of Rip Wheler is the symbol of his masculine jackets and heavy shearling material. 

For the rest of the large cast, we mostly source from platforms such as vintage, new, and custom. strength. If you have noticed Most of Rip Wheeler’s clothing was composed of leather.

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2. The Favorite Character’s Dress

Boone in an interview stated that Yellowstone has a world that is based upon the character and roles of actors. Plus, we also have to rely very much on the makeup that symbolizes the world and culture of ranch life. However, authenticity is a key that I make sure to implement in every character’s outfit I design. Hence I can say that there isn’t any particular dress that is my favorite. Instead, I adore all the dresses.

3. How does Johnetta maintain a balance in each character’s look and personality? 

Boone elaborates on the case by saying that each selection is based upon the course life of the character. Each one of them has a fragile background. The same is why colors play a very crucial part in this regard.

For instance, Beth loves apparel that has floral patterns, that resemble her soften the dynamic approach. The same is why Kelly Rielly has a good collection of specially designed pieces that would make her personality trait pop out.


On the bottom line, Yellowstone is a fantastic drama series that would make anything fall for it. The secret to success lies within the diverse apparel that is designed by talented designer Johnetta Boone. The content above contains all the significant information you must know in this regard.

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